Volunteering is a cornerstone of Montessori philosophy, and nothing teaches your child this value better than your own example. Parents who have served on past committees enthusiastically express that the experience is both fun and rewarding.  It’s a wonderful way to meet other LMM parents and teachers while allowing you to have a direct impact on your child’s school experience.  Below details volunteer opportunities available at LMM:

Yearbook Committee

Goal and Objective: To collect pictures, quotes, and school year highlights throughout the year.  Organize and bind yearbooks for our LMM families.  Volunteering for the Yearbook Committee  involves participation in field trips and school presentations, occasional visits to classrooms and other programs to obtain quotes, pictures and other materials.

Time commitment: Average. As we near the end of the year, there is more time involved in organizing and prepping yearbooks.

Fundraising Committee

Goal and Objective: We are always looking for individuals who are committed to assisting in the planning and execution of fundraising efforts. In the past we have held a Holiday Basket Raffle, participated in Box Tops for Education, Original Art Works and a Montessori Services program. We are looking for new and exciting ideas each year and welcome all suggestions.

Time commitment: Average. As we near any fundraising event, there is more time involved prepping for the event.

Community Service Committee

Goal and Objective: Foster an increased sense and appreciation of our community in all Little Miners’ students.

Time commitment: Varies with each project. Ideally, each volunteer will coordinate one effort during the school year.

Library Committee

Goal and Objective: Supplement Little Miners Montessori education programs with books and materials from local libraries pertaining to each month’s studies.

Time commitment: Minimal – each volunteer is only responsible for collecting books for his/her designated month. Volunteers may sign up for more than one month.

Ski Program Committee

Goal and Objective: Help get as many Little Miners up on skis as possible by organizing a fun, safe, instructional and affordable ski program at a local resort.

Time commitment: Seasonal/Average during and before the 6-9 week ski program.

Skate Program Committee

Goal and Objective: Help get as many Little Miners as possible to get up on ice skates by helping to facilitate our program with the Park City Ice Arena.

Time commitment: Seasonal/Average during and before the 5 week program beginning March 7th.

Social Committee

Goal and Objective: Plan & execute student school parties.

Time commitment: Moderate, once a year. One parent will volunteer to organize one party (or more) for the school year. Committee members will help the chairperson contact other LMM parents for support.

Special Events Committee

Goal and Objective: Ensure successful family school events by coordinating parent volunteers to help plan, setup & cleanup during Oktoberfest and the end of the year BBQ.

Time commitment: Moderate, Oktoberfest is an all-school social held in late October and the end of the year BBQ coincides with graduation.

Teacher Appreciation Committee

Goal and Objective: To organize and set up a four-day Teacher Appreciation Week to show the Little Miners staff how much their hard work is appreciated.  Little Miners staff will be treated to special lunches throughout the week and presented with a gift made by the children at the end of the week.

Time commitment: Minimal, end of the year May 28th – May 31st.