Speech Therapy

Let’s Talk Speech and Language Services provides private speech and language therapy to children and adolescents in Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah. ​We provide one-on-one treatment before, during and after school at many private schools in the area. We also provide in-home and in-office therapy as schedules permit. All of our speech pathologists are nationally certified through the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and hold an active license in the State of Utah. Speech therapy treatment may include the areas of: speech and sound production (including articulation), resonance, voice, fluency, language, cognition and social language. ​We offer school-wide speech/language/hearing screenings through many private schools in the area.

You may consider having your child’s speech, language and hearing screened if your child shows one or more of the following:

  • You suspect your child may have difficulty hearing

  • Your child has a difficult time learning , using new concepts and vocabulary

  • Your child has chronic ear infections

  • You and others have a difficult time understanding your child’s speech or their speech is less intelligible than their peer’s

  • Your child does not combine 2-5 words in their speech

  • You suspect your child may have a fluency disorder (i.e. stuttering)

  • Your child has difficulty asking and answering “wh” questions

  • Your child becomes easily frustrated when trying to tell you something