Yoga Program

The overall Montessori experience would not be complete without a movement program. In additi

on to our regular classes, full day students attend 45-minute yoga sessions with Randi Jo twice monthly on Mondays.


Yoga encourages children to explore their bodies, hearts and minds. It creates strength, flexibility and balance as well as helping kids learn to focus, calm down and re-energize. In our program the children will learn basic yoga poses, introductory breathing and meditation techniques through games, dancing and crafts. They will learn how to be more patient, imaginative, sensitive and focused while creating a more flexible, balanced and strong body. Yoga te

aches them to become quiet or energized as needed through exercises and breath work that they can do anywhere. The child will be saying “I can do it!”

Mrs. Randi Jo Taurel, Yoga Teacher

Randi Jo has lived in Park City for over five years with her husband, Yann and daugher, Chloe. She has been a certified yoga teacher since 1999 and has been focusing on Moms and kids since 2004. Randi Jo has taught at Yoga Studios, health clubs, fitness and therapy center

s, spas, country clubs, churches, temples, private corporations and preschools in Florida, California, Utah and New Jersey. Randi Jo is an Anusara inspired teacher who also teaches Yoga, Pilates, and Kulates to adults of all levels. Her classes are about finding the

joy in your body and life.