Lower Elementary

Our Montessori Lower Elementary program combines 6-9 year olds in a research learning based environment. By providing multi-sensory materials and small group based projects, our program is designed to ignite the imagination and foster an insatiable curiosity within the child.

The elementary child, having achieved physical independence in the early childhood program, now seeks intellectual independence.   This is a time of rapid development offering the child an opportunity to exercise cooperation, imagination, abstraction, responsibility and develop a life long love for learning.

The Montessori Elementary teacher introduces ideas, encourages self-motivation and presents materials that engage the child in the richness of the vast world and community surrounding them.  This inclusive approach to learning exposes children to many interrelated topics and fosters a feeling of unity with humanity and a desire to understand and contribute to the world and community.

The Elementary curriculum includes geography, biology, science, history, language, mathematics, practical life, art studies, music, movement, with a variety of off campus field trips, traveling to places such as the Natural History Museum and Clark Planetarium.  Children in the Lower Elementary are also introduced to a variety of local outdoor activities such as skiing, mountain biking and hiking.