Every child who attends Little Miners, regardless of their schedule, is included in the art program once per week for 45 minutes. While the art program includes lessons and works modeled from the classroom curriculum, its main goal is to impart an independent set of art-specific concepts.

By taking into consideration the developmental skills that are being built in the classroom (cutting, holding a pencil, gluing, tracing, etc.) the art program strives to implement these skills in lessons that help the students develop age-appropriate art milestones outside of the classroom. New works are introduced to the art room weekly. Typically one of these new works will reflect either a theme being taught in the classroom or the letter of the week, and another will introduce a new art skill or medium.

While there are some craft-based projects (coloring in a template, making a holiday-related craft, etc.,) the art lessons are focused on the components of fine art: line, form, shape, texture, composition and color. The teaching philosophy within the art room stresses process over product. Students are encouraged to try new things and to form a dialogue about their process with the teacher and the other students.