Montessori Apps for the iPad


We found a great article on Montessori Apps for the iPad –   Original Article Source:  Wired Magazine

L’Escapadou as you can probably tell from the name is a French. They develop children’s apps for iOS devices that adhere to the Montessori theory of education.

You may have heard of Montessori, it is a learning philosophy that is  particularly embraced and well suited to early childhood and elementary education because these programs were developed during the lifetime of the woman who developed the approach, Maria Montessori. Maria was an Italian physician and educator who explored an educational model that aligned with human and psychological development. It is a method that trusts the learner, that allows for learning through exploration of environments, self expression and open-ended learning. This means that Montessori apps are those that provide children with digital environments that they can come to orientate themselves in, learn to explore and manipulate to create their own work and learning, or as Maria Montessori would say “purposeful activity”.

L’Escapadou have developed three apps to date. Word Wizard, Montessori Crosswords and their latest app, Montessori Numbers. All three exhibit the Montessori principles of self expression and exploration. They are apps that allow for the natural desire of children to explore letters and numbers to be enhanced. Word Wizard is still one of my favorite apps to support early childhood literacy. It offers several ways to use the basic functionality of touching a letter and hearing its sound, the best being the sandbox style word creation environment where you physically move letters around a screen and can create any word you like. You can build whole sentences if you wish, and it has a clever and amusing function for editing inappropriate words.

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