Erin Linder- Alumni

We miss Little Miners!  As a parent I truly appreciate the education and experience that LMM provided for both my children.  At the end of the summer, we were on a family hike in Colorado.  The entire way down the mountain (45 minutes) Elodie talked to me about all the things she learned at Little Miners.  It was magical!  She told me about the different Peace Ma
kers (at 5 years old I didn’t know who Rosa Parks was?!!), how Indians used seeds, the growing cycles of plants, vertebrates and invertebrate animals, the continents, and the list went on and on.  It was like she was this sponge bursting with water–all the amazing things she learned and the enthusiasm to share it all!  And, my son Finn would chime in, adding what he remembered too!!
Beyond the books, I am so grateful for how LMM teaches kids how to be conscientious and compassionate individuals.  I have seen how my kids and their LMM friends look out for each other, include new friends, can empathize when someone is having a hard time, and know what a big difference a hug can make.  So thank you and all the LM teachers for providing an incredible foundation for my kiddos as they go out into this big, big world.

Ali and Jeremy Davis-Alumni


I have thought about Little Miners many, many times.  I knew the education you were offering was special and wonderful but now entering my second year of public school I really see how absolutely incredibly amazing the education at Little Miners really was.  Kaia’s foundational Montessori education has given her a platform from which she has been able to launch high above any obstacles she has encountered in her educational path since.  It is clearly her Montessori math experiences early on that have given her a chance to think mathematically and solve challenging problems using basic math thinking skills she learned in Miss Ashley’s class.  I see glimpses of her Montessori experiences in her reading, science, & social emotional development on a regular basis.

I have so much sadness that Kaia does not have the opportunity to continue her Montessori learning, but I am always grateful knowing she was given the best possible foundation from Little Miners for those very special and crucial first three years of her education.  Keep up the amazing work!

Erik and Summer Schlopy – Alumni

“Both of our kids have flourished at Little Miners. Everyday we are amazed at what their young minds soak up and the confidence they gain.  Our children are becoming strong, creative, and thoughtful people which is evidenced through the incredible knowledge they share with us after school. We smile and beam with pride from the amazing things they have learned and experienced at LMM. As parents, that is more than we could hope for!”

Ariel Coyote Ford – Alumni

We moved from California when our daughter was four years old and left behind a wonderful Montessori school in the Bay Area. We were uneasy about finding a new preschool for her until I walked into Little Miners Montessori. It was the atmosphere that first got me. The evident thought, love, and attention that went into this beautiful school house and its grounds let me know that we had likely found a good match for our little girl. When we enrolled her in LMM, we soon discovered that the physical atmosphere mirrored the educational one. Her teachers and all of the staff worked beautifully with her, adjusting to her differences, supporting her strengths, giving her an opportunity to lead, and establishing the trusting relationships so essential for healthy social development. Our daughter spent two years at Little Miners and when she finally left and entered the first grade at a local private school, she did so with an almost-fourth grade reading level and advanced math skills. She is socially fluent, easily makes friends, (although having been especially shy in her toddler years), and interacts comfortably and respectfully with children and adults. We credit Little Miners: Subie, and all her teachers and staff for helping to make a smooth transition from California and establishing a strong foundation for the rest of her educational years. The highest praise that we can offer, however, probably comes from our daughter herself who said to me yesterday, ” I wish I could go to my current school one day a week and Little Miners the other days of the week.” When she had a day off school, she chose to spend it visiting her favorite teachers at Little Miners, and they were lovely enough to welcome her back.

Ariel Coyote Ford, PsyD and Alec Ford, General Manager Myriad Genetics, parents of 6 year old Evangeline Ford

Jody and Barry Woods – Alumni

We have had a child with Subie since the day she opened her one room school house. We have grown with her and supported her thru the years and now our child is in a state of the art Montessori facility. We are continually amazed at the things our children have learned and continue to learn while at LMM. The Montesssori classroom allows children to lead themselves in their learning. They have ownership so to speak and take great pride in their work. Our children will always remember the fun and fascinating things they learned at LMM. We as parents will always remember the smiles that followed when they shared with us all they had learned that day. They often taught us things we didn’t know! We are forever grateful to have met Subie and feel LMM is the most fabulous early childhood learning environment in Park City.

Tim Brennwald and Heidi Volker – Alumni

Our son Lucas has been attending Little Miners for two years. We have noticed a great improvement in his maturity and independence. He enjoys school and talking about his classroom experiences. The teachers are very caring and have been a positive influence in his development.  Our youngest son Stefan begins his first year at LMM and we are excited to see him grow and learn for the next several years.

Ginny Etheridge – Alumni

Third Grade Public School Teacher at Jeremy Ranch Elementary

My favorite thing about LMM is how well their program supplements public school Kindergarten. Little Miners offers the things that public school teachers do not have time to fit in such as in-depth cultural and science lessons. I love the fact that both my girls know about the world and are eager to find different countries on the map and tell us about them and people of each country.

Everything is taught in a developmentally appropriate manner. The children are exposed to what they are ready for, for example, the early readers can work at their pace and level while the children who are still working on the initial sounds of the alphabet can focus on mastery. I also like how the classrooms are divided into mixed ages. It was great when Holly became the oldest in the class and was able to help and influence the younger children.

Regan Leadbetter-Pineda – Alumni

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with everything Gage and Gunner are learning! Facts come out of their mouths at the dinner table and my husband and I look at each other thinking…”I didn’t know that at their age!” They recite the days of the week and all the months all the time. They have such a great time at school and they are learning so much every day. They jump out of my car so ready to get inside your doors! We are so happy we found Little Miners.